The simple things are also the most extraordinary things, and only the wise can see them.
— Paulo Coelho, The Alchemist

People are the source of my inspiration, I love to see how people live, work and coexist with each other. Photography is the medium that allows me to strengthen my connection with humanity, as well as share stories I feel need to be more prominent. The power of photography to influence and inform public opinion is something I find extremely fascinating, especially in a world where we encounter hundreds of images on a daily basis.

The first time my camera gave me exclusive access into part of someone’s life is something that I remember vividly, truly recognizing the uniqueness of this field and falling in love with the everchanging opportunities to learn and tell stories. Sharing the story of Kailee Kwiecien and her family over the past 4 years as Kailee continues to endure cancer treatments has allowed me to grow as a photographer, but also as a person.


Through my degree in psychology, and time living abroad in Germany, I have gained a better understanding of myself and diversity. I’ve always been drawn to how photography allows me to express emotions, feelings, and to process my own thoughts while sharing stories I feel need to be more prominent.  Continuing my education with photography has allowed me to combine psychology and art to break down and challenge stereotypes that limit the progress of our society.

 In addition to my photographic and journalistic education at RIT, I have volunteered at the Kalish Picture Editing Workshop which has enhanced my understanding of the importance of collaboration in a modern newsroom and across storytelling platforms and the continued need for strong ethics in visual communication. This year, I’m excited to continue my education as a selected student in the 2018 Eddie Adams Workshop.